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08-08 Architecture | Building Modular Systems with Redis
06-20 Insulting strangers online is not free speech
04-27 How to turn DDOS attacks into a business opportunity
03-01 Good morning, Ukraine, and what to do next
01-13 The fuss around Web3
01-13 Down with cookie walls, give us the Web Privacy API!


12-05 How to create desktop notifications and reminders from Linux terminal
11-22 How To Look Busy on Monday
11-11 Turbo is alive!
11-02 Welcome to Meta Penitentiary!
10-05 How to quickly view applications' memory use with smem
09-27 Huh, file system? What is it?
09-07 Create secure private networks with ZeroTier
08-31 How The Big Tech stays big?
08-27 The all-seeing 'i', by Edward Snowden
08-09 Boost your development environment with Ubuntu Multipass
08-08 What to think of Microsoft Edge?
07-23 My First Programming Language
05-26 Go FOSS, be free!
05-10 Nobody likes Mondays, but ...
05-05 It's official! Linux is ready for Mom and Pops!
04-22 Senior StackOverflow Developer is a real thing
04-15 GOTO not always harmful!
04-12 GDU - lightweight and fast disk usage analyser for terminal
02-24 Programming languages alive and kicking!
02-05 Architecture | Building large projects with Vue, Vite and Lerna
01-22 Friday fun with cows and lolcats
01-18 Economic costs of poor software quality
01-12 Co z tym WhatsApp-em?
01-11 WhatsApp Manifesto
01-07 WhatsApp is Facebook is Instagram is No Privacy Whatsoever
01-06 Away With the Bloat!


11-04 Edsger W. Dijkstra - The Story
11-01 Multi-User Applications with PouchDB and IBM Cloudant
10-19 Sending Files Between Computers in 21st Century
10-12 The Rise and Fall of a Senior Developer
09-10 Architecture | Vue JS 3 Application Without Build
09-02 Architecture | Reactive Vue 3 State
08-06 Architecture | Vue JS Application Without Build