Tomasz Waraksa

Software Engineer, Technology Enthusiast, Photographer


I’m a software engineer passionately coding since over 20 years. My experience in software development spans from personal pet projects to mission-critical enterprise applications for customers such as MasterCard, Citibank, Qualcomm or Bank of America. Die-hard programmer, coach and mentor with strong interest in simple, concise, elegant and performant code and great software architectures. Big fan of Martin Fowler and Esdger W. Dijkstra. Always eager to share the experience by writing tech stories, coaching and training during work hours, in tech talks and meetups.

In free time I enjoy black-white photography and vintage film cameras, electric guitar, hiking, cycling and swimming in the frigid Irish sea.

I work as independent consultant, currently based in Dublin, Ireland. Apart for participation in full-time programming projects, I regularly give advice and guidance to teams and organizations, kick-start projects, introduce good programming practices, help refactor large legacy codebases, help safely steer through fads, fashions and trends of IT.

Reach me by e-mail at [email protected].

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